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This e-book is to teach you how to make purchasing a vehicle work for your business. The expenses that will be covered in this book cannot be deducted as a W-2 employee, this is for business owners only.

Vehicles are expensive assets, even the maintenance can cost a fortune and depending on where you live, so can the taxes. Even the biggest bosses in the business world find ways to legally curtain some of the expenses they make.

Whenever your car transports merchandise to a particular location, you are helping the economy. To appreciate those that help the economy through donations and so on, the federal government established a tax break.

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What To Expect When You Sign Up

✅ Deductions associated with purchasing a vehicle
✅ Purchasing vehicle in your business name vs personal name
✅ Depreciation, depreciation, depreciation
✅ Electric vehicle credit
✅ How to make your deductions IRS audit proof
✅ How to reimburse employees for vehicle usage